About Us


Alert Communications has been serving the paging, telephone answering and messaging needs of Northwestern Pennsylvania since 1974. Alert Communications is family owned and operated as a division of Teleplex, Inc.

Our mission is to build partnerships with our clients. Generally, a business’s reputation and first impression is generated by the person answering the telephone. We are committed to making that first impression for our clients the most professional and courteous experience. Rather than a faceless corporation or empty voice on the phone, our local office in Erie, PA provides our clients with the opportunity to meet face to face. We value this relationship with our clients, and know that our clients value as well.

At Alert, we customize our services to fit your individual, unique needs. Our many services can be customized to fit the solution you desire. If we don’t have a solution process in place already that fits you, we’ll create a new one that does. We work for you. Alert Communications is people answering people.