Account Scripting

codeUnleash the power of account scripting!

Every account is scripted to customer specifications so every action performed is the result of pre-determined decision making. Human error is taken out of the equation as the telephone agent reads a script and enters the caller’s response. The script then decides whether to hold or dispatch the messages, and then automates all steps in the dispatch process.

Scripts can be linked to read from ODBC data sources. We can set up direct access to your database to allow our agents to lookup information for your callers. If you desire, the option to update information is also available. Account scripting enables the telephone agent the power to dynamically provide real-time information to your callers, while not compromising data integrity or security!

Contact decisions are based on our on call calendar system. When an account directory contact is assigned, the script will pull the contact information for that individual. The system automatically dials the right contact no matter what time of day it is.  Web OnCall provides even greater versatility by allowing you to see and edit the on call calendar system 24/7 with out needing to contact us.

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